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A Letter to Myself (and you too!)

Dear Ashley, this year I want you to be present in each moment as much as possible and not worry about what's to come. So many times, you are not fully present in wonderful moments in your life and they quickly become faded memories. Girl you are getting married this year!!! With that marriage comes a beautiful bonus daughter and you are going on an dream honeymoon. Not just enjoying serving your community, spending time with your parents, laughing with your friends and curating amazing outfits for curvy women. Enjoy ALL of those moments because you deserve to bask in all of their splendor. Challenges will arise (let's face it, that's life), but you will face them as they come and not anxiously anticipate their arrival.

Stop talking yourself out of doing things because you have already created different ways that it won't work. Instead lean into the giant that God has created you to be. If God has given you the idea then he has equipped you with everything that you need to carry out that vision. You are creative, compassionate, intelligent, and gifted for a reason. You will not leave this world empty but the only way to do that is to begin to utilize all of your talents. You are a divine being that will continue to be the voice for the voiceless, unseen, and ignored. Stop playing small to make others comfortable; it does yourself and your God a disservice.

Always remember that there is a little girl somewhere that is watching you. You may be the reason that she has hope. You want her to say that she can because you did. That little girl may even be you.

Keep shining your light and being a light. Keep smiling, being vulnerable and doing things that may not make since to everyone else but bring joy to your heart.

I am so proud of the woman you are becoming. You literally are magic!



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