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Captain my Captain... Our Love Story

Now that wedding planning is over and I am settling into married life I thought it would be fun to share my bridal journey with all of you. However, I wanted to start with Jimmie and I love story. I have spoken about it in the Houston Chronicle and Essence articles (check out the previous blog posts), but I have not shared our story on this platform.

I knew Jimmie's mom (Momma Gail) first because she worked with my dad, however, I never knew that she had a son. I knew she had a daughter because I met her at an event years prior but she never mentioned another child. Fast forward, Jimmie's mom was retiring from the Houston Police Department and she asked me to come and say a few words at her retirement party. My mom was my date and when Momma Gail greeted us she introduced us to Jimmie. He gave us a big smile and big hug. I remember him being very nice but we didn't interact the rest of the evening. In fact, after that night I didn't talk to him again until he slid into my DM's on Instagram a few months later. He then tells me thank you for coming to his mom's party which I thought was weird since the party took place months ago lol. After a couple of messages back and forth I offer him my number.

I must say that when Jimmie and I met I was not looking to date anyone. I was tired of dating and even though I prayed for my husband I had decided that I was going to focus on myself. I don't know if I'm the only one but I had a series of serious relationships and they all ended in heartbreak. I was tired of missing the mark and I needed a break. When Jimmie entered the picture we decided to take it slow. We really wanted to get to know one another as friends to see if we were even compatible. Although we took it slow, I always felt like he was different. At first I couldn't explain it but I knew that I should treat him differently.

After a little over a year of being friends and courting we entered into an official relationship. I made it clear to Jimmie early on that I was intentionally dating. I was not dating just to date or to give me something to do but I was dating with the intention of marriage. During the time of us dating we worked on our communication skills towards one another and addressing how we like to resolve conflict. We discussed our vision for our futures, parenting styles, financial goals and everything in-between. I will say that I am definitely the most communicative in our relationship and Jimmie is more observant. I like to resolve things in the moment and not let it linger; Jimmie is a processor and needs time think things through. Covid was a blessing for our relationship because the world stopped for a moment in time and we were able to focus on each other. I won't say that we had everything figured out by the time Jimmie proposed (we learn something new about each other every day) but we had gathered a lot of tools to make us both feel prepared to take our relationship to the next level.

I tell Jimmie all the time that I am so glad that I waited for him. I was 30 years old when we met and 35 when I walked down the aisle. I used to think God had forgotten about me just because my husband didn't show up when I wanted but just like I told Jimmie in my vows to him, " are my reminder that God didn't forget about me but instead loved me enough to have me wait for his best."

Friends, this is your gentle reminder that delay does not mean no. This does not only apply to relationships but any dream, vision, or desire that God has placed inside of you. Sometimes he's waiting for the right time to release your blessing so we won't mishandle it.

I hope this encourages you on today!

Love and Curves!


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