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Welcome to The Curvy Paige!

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

I have thought about creating a blog for years and gave myself a million reasons as to why I shouldn't. I told myself that there were plenty of other curvy women that were doing an amazing job representing curvy women and I am too busy. What if I'm not creative enough or my style isn't good enough?

Then I thought about the true reason as to why I wanted to create a blog in the first place. My style may not inspire every person and my voice may not resonate with every woman, but as long as I encourage one person then I feel like it is worthwhile. When I started doing #fashionfriday on social media I did it because curvy women would ask me to tell them where I got my outfits. However, it became so much more. I ended up expressing my vulnerabilities and using it as a way to encourage myself and hoping that I was encouraging others at the same time. Hoping that other women would feel like they are not alone and that we have more similarities than differences.

On this blog you can definitely expect to see some looks but I also want you to feel like you have another friend that will encourage you and root you on.

Welcome to The Curvy Paige!

Dress: Amazon Earrings: Zara

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