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I Value Rest!

In our society we praise people that work hard and accomplish goals. We love to post our major accomplishments and share our milestones. I think that is amazing and I for one am inspired by watching people reach their goals and I love completing projects. However, I don't think we prioritize or glorify rest enough. Often times you will hear people say "you can sleep when you're dead" or "I don't have enough time to rest."

I have noticed that when I operate out of a place of rest I am more energetic, clear in thought, patient, and creative. Also, I feel like I DESERVE rest. I don't want life to pass me by. I don't want to look up and feel like time has completely escaped me because I was not present in each moment due to my exhaustion. Therefore, I choose to take time to put the phone down, turn the social media off, silence the noise, and not feel the need to try to constantly answer all of life's problems. At the end of the day, even God himself took a day to rest after spending six days making creation. If God can take a day, surely, little ole me can take a nap every now and then lol.

Life can be overwhelming and time passes so quickly. It is important to practice self-care and I choose to do so by giving myself permission to rest.

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Kim Roxie
Kim Roxie
27. Aug. 2021

I Value Rest! Love this quote and encouragement ❤ Such a needed post.

Gefällt mir
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