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It's the love for me!

Sometimes I still can't believe I'm engaged! Not only can I not believe that I'm engaged but that I'm preparing to marry my best friend, prayer partner, and my literal gift from God. I'm in awe that God loves me so much that he created someone just for me. Jimmie certainly isn't perfect and contrary to my belief, I'm not either lol. However, he is perfect for me. Last Sunday we took our engagement photos and it was everything I could have dreamed about. Our amazing photographer Aisha found a beautiful studio and made some serious magic happen. I can't wait to share our love story with you along with all of the pictures but for now here's the first set. If you are in a relationship I hope you cherish your significant other and if you are single I hope you know that God will give you the desires of your heart in his perfect timing. I certainly became inpatient in the process but now that I look back at it I am grateful for the way he prepared me for my King. Sending you lots of light and love!

Dress: J. Bolin

Belt: Amazon

Headband: Amazon

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