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New Month! Same Fabulous You! New Fashion Inspo!

Romper: Asoph/ Shoes: Asos

Blazer: Eloquii (Currently 50% Off!)/ Shorts: Abercrombie

Dress: Asos Curve

Shirt: I'Mare Boutique (Green)/ Jeans: Eloquii/ Bag: Walmart/ Shoes: DSW

Dress: Eloquii/ Shoes: Nordstrom

Sunglasses: Dezi/ Bag: Walmart

Shoes: Asos

Top and Pants: I'Mare Boutique (Black and Silver)/ Rhinestone Bag: Amazon

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Aug 02, 2022

All of your outfits are beautiful and bright and colorful. I need to quit being so cheap, and stop waiting for clothes to hit the 50% rack; by then , it is slim pickings. That is why my closet is filled with mostly dark and drab colors instead vibrant and colorful outfits.

Ashley Turner
Ashley Turner
Aug 02, 2022
Replying to

I LOVE a good sale too! The way I shop is I will purchase statement and staple pieces when they come out because they are worth the money and chances are they won't make it to a sale. Trendy items can wait for a sale because chances are I will not get as many wears out of it. Also, some of the brands that I shop such as Eloquii and Boohoo ALWAYS have a sale so I tend to take my chances with them a little more than Nordstrom and Asos. I hope this helps!


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